Black Giraffe Tribe (Spain, 2016)

Black Giraffe Tribe sai alguse Hispaaniast ja see oli üks vinge bränd. Matching items tervele perekonnale. Aga ei mingi roosamanna, vaid iseloomu ja kindla eristusega. Ja nüüd kus endal pisike toddler kodus kasvamas vajaksin hädasti 2te t-särki – Ruudile 0% TIRED ja endale 104% TIRED.

Aga Black Giraffe Tribe kirjutab enda kohta nii –

Black Giraffe Brand is not just about matching clothes! Oh, no!

Message is much larger than just stating the fact that a female, clothed in Black Giraffe, turns out to be a hot, wonderful mom and a male specimen becomes an astonishing, multitasking machine of a dad. We go further than that, because the Black Giraffe Tribe encourages you – don’t worry, you’re doing great! No one has to be picture perfect all the time, because being cool is simply an attitude! Put on that – oh, so comfy – oversized t–shirt, and show to all how you wear the black as your new happy color! Be the hero of your own attitude – be yourself and enjoy every single second of it! You are perfect – the team you’re part of is perfect, and you shall always have each other’s back! Just like the right combination of coffee and milk… The laundry, dishes and the messy hair can wait – throw on your Black Giraffe, take a seat, have some coffee and enjoy every second! Laugh and be happy – you are one of the world’s greatest superheroes!